Rose Covert

Rose Covert uses natural materials to weave sculptural forms. Using reimagined basketry techniques, Rose creates woven landscapes that twist and travel around themselves. Her work is evocative of the natural world they are created from. They hold an element of dance and movement in their shapes and pull the viewer in with their dynamic tensions.  Rose grew up in Colorado but has been living in the Pacific Northwest for most of her adult life. She is a longtime Portland resident who has fallen in love with the rich plant life that grows here. Her work is comprised of plants she harvests, tends or grows herself. She finds inspiration in the natural world, the exquisiteness of elemental forms and landscapes, as well as the habitats the plants grow in. Her work is a continuation of the beauty of the natural world; her work allows us to bring the allure of nature into our homes. Rose’s process begins with planting or harvesting the plants her sculptures are made from and ends in exploration and design as she weaves the forms. 

Rose has been a member and board member of the Columbia Basin Basketry Guild since 2014. She has learned and continues to learn a wide range of weaving techniques and practices through her participation with the Guild. She is also a weaving instructor and teaches youth and adults through her involvement with a variety of organizations. Rose has been an attending artist at Frogwood, an artist collaborative event, located in Oregon and has been on the board of Frogwood since 2020. She recently was awarded a RACC Arts3C grant for her large scale woven den which was part of Terra Incognita, a land based art event. This has propelled Rose into the realm of large scale, experiential woven forms and public art.  

Instagram: @gatesofmystery

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