Peeta Tinay

4 Inset Handle 2 Section Plaiting Brown/Turquoise Basket by Peeta Tinay

My baskets are a culmination of 25 years of experience in working with weaving materials, finishes and the technical aspects involved in antique wicker restoration. I could not have made these baskets 10 years ago, my sense of form and design had not yet fully developed. It feels as if these designs, patterns and textural combinations have been waiting until now to emerge. My baskets represent the intersection of passion, competency and skill. Those valuable years of restoration have provided a strong love for quality design and structure that I bring to life through hard work, patience and a deep appreciation for the craft.

Peeta Tinay exhibits at juried gallery shows nationally. In addition, her work can be purchased and at various West Coast art shows. Currently, Peeta teaches beginning and intermediate/advanced basketry classes in the Northwest.

Information can be found on her website

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