Judy Gibson King

Inspired by my grandmother who made colorful quilts using fabric from flour sacks and worn-out clothing, I enjoy giving vintage fabrics a new life. I work primarily with cotton and silk, transforming kitchen aprons, bridesmaid dresses and other items into unique textile baskets that are both functional and beautiful. Most of the time the fabric allows me to create the shape I have in mind, but occasionally it surprises me. Color, texture and shape are the primary elements in each basket. A bit of whimsy is occasionally added with embellishments of beads, shells, stones, branches or feathers. My baskets may not keep anyone as warm as my grandmother’s quilts did, but they are just as useful and hopefully just as cherished for many years to come.

I was honored to be one of two artists selected for the 2019 Art in Fiber-Vessels in Fiber exhibit in Round Top, Texas. Several of my baskets were featured at Celebrating American Art & Craft 2018 in Comfort, Texas. Marigolds, a lidded basket with intricate beadwork, received the Merit award in 2015 at the Paseo Art Space in Oklahoma. Renewal, a mixed media basket, was awarded Best in Show in 2013 at the Restorations exhibit in North Carolina.

Current work is available at the Copper Shade Tree Gallery in Round Top, Texas, or through the Judy King ETSY shop 

“Earth Spirit” by Judy Gibson King
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