Emily Dvorin

I approach my baskets the way I approach my life: with INNOVATION, IRREVERENCE, and a dash of HUMOR.

I never imagined I would stumble upon my artistic passion later in life. As a child, I was encouraged to pursue a “sensible” career. To that end, I studied hard, married young and became a third grade teacher. When my husband’s job brought us to California, my life took two important turns. I partnered with a friend to open a contemporary crafts store in San Anselmo and….. I discovered macrame’! My love of fiber art was launched! From my first basket-making workshop in the basement of the old Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, I was certain that basketry and three-dimensional art were my true passions.

“Black and Blue” – Denim jeans seams and other parts, thread, cable ties 12”x12”x12” 2018

Today I am proud to say that after countless hours spent creating vessels out of just about everything, I’ve developed what I believe is my own unique interpretation of the traditional craft of basket making. With a nod to humor, a passion for innovation and a reverence for engineering, architecture and aesthetic harmony, I’ve been fortunate enough to build an award-winning career transforming mundane things, such as cable ties and plastic bags, into contemporary pieces of fine art.

My work is exhibited widely across the country and I regularly participate in booth shows and open studios events. In addition, I teach classes and I travel for speaking engagements and various consulting opportunities. Most importantly, I continue to create with a passion that’s as vibrant and abundant as the everyday items that inspire my art.

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