Catriona Pollard

As a Fibre Artist based in Sydney, Australia I have been weaving for 15 years. Originally started as a hobby which bloomed into a full time career in 2021. I focus on looping, twining and random weave. I predominantly use foraged material – mostly Australian vines and recycled electrical copper wire to weave wall sculptures. My random weave cocoons and pods are a favourite form to weave. My practice is about pursuing creativity that isn’t about perfection, but more about exploration and play. I use my art processes to think in new ways and use creativity to gain new insights and perspectives that are used in all aspects of my life. All of my artwork is based on connecting my hands with my heart through nature. If you come to any of my workshops, you’ll understand that I teach in this way too. It’s so much more than a technique, it’s connecting to that ancient wisdom and using basketry to uncover our emerging creativity.

Catriona Pollard is a contemporary artist who uses traditional basketry techniques to transform foraged plant fibres and recycled metals into evocative sculptural works which investigate human’s personal connection with the natural world.

Her practice has been recognised as a skilful exploration of ideas around nature and human’s relationship, the invisible forces and the movement of energy within it. Central to her work is the investigation of transformation and humanity’s connection, dependence, and the possibility of harmony with the ecological world.

Her sculptures feature intricate and complex weaving techniques that create repetitive patterns which explore the concept of connection and interconnection. Her interplay of shadows extending beyond the physical boundaries of the sculptures opens discussion around light and dark and their role in achieving harmony. 

By sharing a dialogue with the organic materials and allowing them to inform the narrative of her sculptures, it means that stories are formed and shared from nature in transformational ways – in a language that provides new meanings and relationships with spirit, nature, humans, and the interconnectedness of all.

Catriona has been selected for multiple solo exhibitions and exhibits extensively selected, group and touring exhibitions including the Australian Design Centre and Sturt National Craft Centre. She has been a finalist in many art awards including Australian Textile Art Award, International Art Textile Biennale, National Capital Art Prize, Environmental Art & Design Award, North Sydney Art Prize, Australian Fibre Arts Award, Ravenswood Women’s Art Prize and many more.

Her artwork is profiled across major art and design media and is featured nationally in galleries, high end design spaces and private collections. Watch her talk about her art at ABC TV and Gardening Australia and read the feature in Good Weekend, SMH/The Age.  She is profiled in the Book: Woven Together: Weavers and Their Stories. See her website for more talks and media.

As a dedicated professional educator, she holds sold out sculptural basketry weaving workshops in Australia and internationally and teaches for design and craft centres. She holds demonstrations for organisations including Museums, and gives artist talks at galleries and community groups. She also established the online with students from around the world.

Instagram: CatrionaPollard

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