Alice Ogden

Alice Ogden of Salisbury, New Hampshire, is a traditional black ash basket maker.

Considered a “master” of her trade, she has been making baskets for more than 35 years. None of her materials are store bought and each basket is crafted entirely of materials collected from the woods and swamps of NH. Alice’s husband is a professional logger and uses his skills to keep Alice’s supplied with high quality black ash and white oak. All of her baskets are finished with her trademark hand carved oak handles. White oak trees are hand shaved following the true “grain” of the wood. They are skillfully whittled into delicate but sturdy handles.


“This photo shows some of the 4,800 plus ornaments I had to make last year,” says Alice, “as the 2013 ornament maker for the League of NH Craftsmen. It puts a whole new answer to the question when people ask me how many baskets I have made in my days.

Alice Ogden
Alice Ogden Black Ash Baskets
35 Flaghole Road
Franklin, NH 03235 USA
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