Adrianna Hinds

Connecting with my culture & heritage and love for Wyoming through folk-artistry

Adrianna spent her childhood summers helping her grandparents in the plains of Colorado peeling freshly picked corn and using the husks to braid crosses, god’s eyes, and dolls. She immediately fell in love with creating with her hands and learning about her heritage and culture. Keeping Hispanic and Native basket making alive while blending in newer techniques like Nantucket weaving has become her top priority.

Adrianna uses American sourced items such as reed, cane, wood bases and handles. She enjoys harvesting raw materials from the mountains of Wyoming with her family to use such as hounding for agates, opals, petrified woods, random wood pieces, nuts, antlers, cattails, feathers and husks. This makes her baskets more modern and more stylized towards the people of the mountainous west.

Select weavings are carefully created and handled with pure intent and love. Each piece should only be handled while in a state of a pure mind and positivity. Never to release negative energy or spirit into the objects. A technique used when braiding or brushing hair in Hispanic culture. Each object made in this manner serves a purpose, feeling or memory of the land.

Adrianna resides in her hometown in Wyoming. She finds Wyoming to be rich with natural resources that offers an artist of her alternative mountain style room to grow and thrive.

Visit her website at Adrianna Hinds Art

Follow her on Instagram at @adriannahindsart

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