From the NBO Magazine Archives

Our new website (coming soon!) will have back issues of the magazine available to enjoy on the members-only portal. For now, take a break and enjoy free archived issues of the NBO Magazine. More to come! (Above: Work… Read More

Capturing Your Work With Photography

“Many artists and craftspeople feel that too much emphasis is put on the kinds of photos that they present of their work. It seems like the work should speak for itself, right? Actually, there are reasons why images… Read More

Video: Willow Bark Class

Follow the processing and weaving steps as Jennifer Heller Zurick teaches a willow bark weaving class at the 2013 NBO Biennial Conference: Tradition & Innovation in Basketry VII

An Artistic Journey from Korea to the Renwick

Thank you to the Northwest Designer Craftsmen for this recording of NBO member Lanny Bergner, “An Artistic Journey from Korea to the Renwick”. Lanny is a mixed-media sculptor, installation, fiber, and sculptural basketry artist.  Lanny has been creating… Read More

Nancy McKeown – “Coiled Pine Needle Basketry Stitch List”

NBO member Nancy McKeown is pleased to announce the publication of her book, “Coiled Pine Needle Basketry Stitch List”. Nancy is a prolific graphic artist who has worked producing projects for both print and web within a variety… Read More

How to Add Your Events to the NBO Calendar

Here is a resource to guide you through the process of adding your event to the NBO calendar. There is no charge for this service, and you can at listings at any time. We encourage you to post… Read More

Video: How to Lash the Rim of a Splint Basket

An easy-to-weave, carry-all basket made for the long haul, by Beth Hester & Lynne Ferguson. Step-by-step instruction…

Lois Walpole: Toxic Basketry

One of the recent panels held during Virtually Woven included a conversation around the use of recycled materials and the responsible sourcing of other materials, dyes, etc. “These are people who are also genuinely concerned about the environment… Read More

Charleston Sweetgrass Basket Tradition Fights for Survival

In an article for “The State” newspaper, Caitlin Bird examines how, “Today, these makers, who call themselves sewers, speak of a discouraging reality intertwined with a personal quest to keep a Gullah tradition alive.” (Photo of Betty Manigault).

Resources for Teaching Fees and Contracts

These recommendations are the results of over a full year of discussions held by the informal Teachers Zoom group, facilitated by NBO. This evolving group of over 40 basketry instructors from across the US and beyond met regularly… Read More