Nolan Wright

I have been making fiber art off and on for more than forty years, focusing for some time now on using coiling and knotting to make sculptural basketry forms, working with pine needles, waxed linen thread, other cords,… Read More

Marina Lommerse

My foray into basketry was ignited when I signed up for a workshop with Lissa de Sailles at the National Basketry Conference 2023. Lissa taught a sculptural twinning workshop involving botanical works – baskets and wearable art. Currently… Read More

Liza Pike

I love to work with textiles, threads, fabric, paper and fibers.  Using a variety of materials including muslin, linen, embroidery thread, rope, hemp and other soft materials, I like to weave, sew, paint and stitch pieces that reflect… Read More

Jacinthe Demmert

I am creatively devoted to Haida basketry. From gathering and preparation of cedar bark, and through every design, there is inherited cultural value in every step. My work is inherently tied to the forest through material and inspiration. … Read More

Adrianna Hinds

  Connecting with my culture & heritage and love for Wyoming through folk-artistry Adrianna spent her childhood summers helping her grandparents in the plains of Colorado peeling freshly picked corn and using the husks to braid crosses, god’s… Read More

Bonnie Zimmer

  Learning to knit and sew as a child, Bonnie has been creating “baskets that hold ideas” since her early textile classes in undergraduate school where she majored in art with a fiber concentration. After her initial mastery… Read More

Giuse Maggi

  Born in Milan and raised in Pavia, Italy, multidisciplinary artist Giuse Maggi draws inspiration from the susceptibility of organic and inorganic materials and their potential to manipulate, shape, form and introduce her to new techniques for creation…. Read More

Virginia Fisher

My art comes from questioning what is ‘natural’ and what is ‘made’. Made would reference any object that has a bit of human intervention. How can humans and our products be anything but a natural when we can… Read More

Susanne Thiemann

  “Susanne Thiemann opened her workshop for basketry 35 years ago in Munich after gaining her masters certificate as a basket maker. The workshop only a few years later became the studio for her first sculptures and objects…. Read More

Elizabeth Waltermire-Jones

Elizabeth made her first woven pine needle basket in December of 2021. The first time the YouTube video popped up on her Facebook feed, she was enchanted with the idea of making something out of nothing. She works… Read More