Lanny Bergner

Lanny Bergner is a mixed-media sculptor, installation, fiber and sculptural basketry artist. Lanny has been creating biomorphic and geometric constructions and installations out of metal mesh since 1983. He maintains a studio on Fidalgo Island near Anacortes, Washington.

Cathryn Peters

I create original design, one-of-a-kind antler basket sculptures incorporating various types of deer, elk, or moose antlers with commercially sourced rattan reed and natural, respectfully hand-gathered materials from my rural setting. Drawing on my 40+ years of chair… Read More

Jennifer Zurick

Jennifer Zurick is a self-taught artist who has been professionally producing willow bark baskets since 1980. Her work has been featured in many regional and national exhibitions and in several craft related publications. The recipient of a 2010… Read More