Scholarships and Grants for the 2013 NBO Conference!


At our conference in 2011, we had a great party, which included a very successful auction to raise money for our Scholarship Fund.  It is now time to spend that money!

There are a number of scholarships available for our next conference in October 2013 and we encourage you to apply.

NBO Conference Scholarship Grants   These are grants to members who want to come, but can’t because of financial need.  We have several thousand dollars to fund this scholarship because of the success of the auction.  A committee will determine amounts based on the number of applications and the severity of the need.  All applications will be held in complete confidence.

NBO Conference Scholarship Grant for Educators

To promote the inclusion of basket making in K -12 classrooms a fund specifically for educators has been established. Applicant should be a classroom teacher in either a private or public school who is enrolled in the 2013 NBO Conference.

NBO Mentor Program

This is a new program funded by a private donor who is eager to promote the next generation of basket makers by fostering a lasting relationship between an experienced basket maker (the Mentor) and an emerging basket maker (the Mentee).  Both will each receive full room, board, and tuition and will be enrolled in the same workshop.  They will have to cover the application processing fee, workshop materials fee and travel.  So teachers, think about a student you would like to introduce to the wider world of basket making!

NBO Exhibition Awards

Scholarship funds are also being used to underwrite cash awards at the 2013 All Things Considered VII show: Best Traditional $200, Best Contemporary $200, and Best in Show, $400. In addition, Arrowmont is funding a $300 scholarship toward a future class at Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts.

And, we will have another good party with, we are sure, an equally successful auction at Arrowmont in October.  More information about contributing items to the auction will be published this summer.  You don’t have to be there to donate…we’ll even call you when your item comes up so you can hear the wild bidding!


You can also contribute to our Scholarship fund anytime if you would like to help someone attend the conference:


For further information about applying for any of the scholarships, please click on the item in the Membership menu above or email your questions to Scholarship Chair: Pamela Saint-Pierre   Give us a call at 617-863-0366 and leave a message if you have questions or want some guidance.

All gifts to the NBO Scholarship Fund are tax-deductible to the full extent of law.