Pamela Zimmerman

Pamela Zimmerman is a self-taught fiber artist, using mostly basketmaking techniques, not necessarily in a traditional manner. She admits to being obsessed with fiber, finding it difficult to restrict herself to any one material.

Previously, Pamela was a National Park Ranger, and lived and worked close to nature. Living in the desert Southwest, she admired the native basketry in that area. Having received a book on coiling pine needle baskets as a Christmas gift, she was intrigued by the notion of making “something from nothing.” In the late winter of 1998, she began weaving baskets from her garden. The pine needles in her yard were short and twisted, but her first basket was enough “like a basket” to keep her going. The textures and colors of man-made and spun fibers soon began showing up in her work. Polymer clays, glass beads, recycled plastic & fabric yardage, found objects, as well as wood elements draw her, and find their way into weavings. Her works are moving further away from traditional applications, and more towards non-functional art forms.

Pamela has made over 1000 woven pieces, and won over 250 art and exhibit awards. Her work has appeared in Crafts Report Magazine(2005, 2006, 2007,and 2009) Art Doll Quarterly(2007 and 2008,) Shuttle, Spindle and Dyepot(2007,2009, 2010) and in numerous Fine Art Shows. Published in the book by Catherine Devine, Coiled Designs for Gourd Art, Marianne Barne’s book New and Different Materials for Weaving and Coiling; All Things Considered IV, National Basketry Organization Exhibition Catalog; and Backwoods Home Magazine, where Pamela authored an article on random weave. Pamela was selected as a 2009 NICHE Award Finalist for her piece, “Catching the Pale, Pale Moon.” In March 2009, Pamela Zimmerman was invited by the World Craft Council (WCCI, an International Organization affiliated with UNESCO) to join their Photo Galleries of North American Craftsmen on their new website.

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