Polly Adams Sutton : La Mesa, CA

Asymmetrical Cedar and Cane

 Polly Adams Sutton - Asymmetrical Cedar and Cane Basketry Workshop

Polly Adams Sutton – Asymmetrical Cedar and Cane


Using wire and dyed binder cane over cedar bark spokes, this asymmetrical basket will be twined using 2 X techniques. Initially the spokes will be wide, and then cut narrower to achieve a twisted shape.

Intermediate to advanced weavers can manipulate the shape with this method.

Beginners will learn the nuance of twining with X’s on a symmetrical shape.

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Shannon Weber Profiled by TextileArtist.org

Orbit 2, a rand weave basket by Shannon Weber

#NBObasketartist Shannon Weber has been profiled by TextileArtist.org in an article entitled – All things wild and lost.


Lois and Kari at 2014 CraftBOSTON Holiday

Danielle Bodine in Two Person Exhibit

“Alien Fruit Basket” - 31”LX10”HX9”W Random weave vessel – collaged with bamboo paper. Vessel is filled with objects. – made by casting paper on funnels, removed and reformed, painted, dyed, collaged and embellished with a variety of objects. Photo credit: Michael Stadler

Amanda Salm : Handful of Salt

#NBObasketartist Amanda Salm has been featured in an article in the latest issue of a Handful of Salt. Handful of Salt is the home of the modern artisanal movement, covering the intersection of craft and design. They write about many design topics in a quarterly print publication, weekly e-newsletter as well as online and on social media platforms. The article about Amanda and her coiled horsehair basketry is titled, Of Cowboys and Artisans: Amanda Salm.


NYC Gallery Openings presents this video of the exhibit ELEMENTALS: WOMEN SCULPTING ANIMISM open at Cavin-Morris Gallery through December 13, 2014. #NBObasketartist participants include Dawn Nichols Walden, Polly Adams Sutton and Charissa Brock.


Shannon Weber : Making It In Crafts II


Shannon is a nationally known artist of contemporary mixed media fiber who’s main focus is on vessel multi layer surface design. http://www.shannonweber.com/

#NBObasketartist Shannon Weber from Cottage Grove, Oregon is featured amongst 60 artists in Making it in Crafts ll Invitational” at The Art Museum of Greater Lafayette ongoing until Dec 28th 2014. She has shared that she will start a new round of exhibits and workshops in March 2015. See more of Shannon’s creations at www.shannonweber.com or stop by her Facebook Page Shannon Weber Woven Forms & Assemblage


Donna Crispin : Cloth, Paper, Scissors Q&A

Donna Crispin - Woven Collar



Portrait of Donna Crispin


#NBObasketartist Donna Sakamoto Crispin has been featured in an artist Q&A by Cloth Paper Scissors published by Interweave.

Five in CraftForms 2014

Five NBO members will have work in CraftForms 2014 at the Wayne Art Center in Wayne, Pennsylvania.  Shown here are: Dona Anderson, CostumeAmanda Salm, Equilibrium; Lois Russell, Habitat: a.mellifeura; Nancy Koenigsberg, Rouge and Peggy Wiedemann, Hanging OutThe exhibition will run from December 5 to January 31, 2015.


Spirits Headed to Gravers Lane

Jan Hopkins "Spirits" Lunaria seed pod centers, weathered Hydrangea petals, cedar bark, ostrich shell beads, Tibetan prayer beads; waxed linen looped and hand sewn 10.5"l x 16"w x 16"h

Jan Hopkins piece, “Spirits” fresh from exhibit with Considering the Kylix is on its way to GRAVERS LANE GALLERY, 8405 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118. Jan announces the shift of venue here on her blog.