Linda Shea

For me it’s all about color, texture, and movement. I use a traditional coiled basket technique but with non-traditional materials. Instead of the traditional pine needles or reeds, I wrap yarn around paracord. Amazing color and texture come from the yarns I use. I use any yarn that has a color and texture that I think will bring life to the basket; as long as it is washable and will stand up to being pulled really hard, I’ll try it. I’ve worked with acrylic, silk, and just about everything in between.

I hand form every piece – I never use a form or mold – and create movement within the piece as I work and with my finishing techniques. Some baskets start with a very specificdesign in mind and in most cases the result is what I had in mind. In other cases, the basket takes on a life of its own as I work and becomes what it was meant to be. I have perfected my technique to create baskets that are surprisingly rigid. The inspiration for my shapes comes from pottery and glass sculptures, as well as my imagination; some of my best ideas pop into my head while I’m daydreaming.

The finishing techniques are all my own designs and add movement and interest to each piece. I typically do not decide on a finish technique until the basket is finished and tells me what technique works best for it.

My work is always evolving because I keep asking “what if I….” or “how could I make it look like…” I find the materials to be extremely versatile, and I have been able to make it do anything I have wanted it to. So keep tuned, I have more ideas to try.

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Bunny Creek Basket by Linda Shea