Progressive Randings

Progressive randings are woven in steps with a specific progression for each of the weavers. At least one of the weaving elements is worked with an over/under randing stroke. Differences in working methods as well as differences in size, exibility, and materials of the weavers are key to creating the overall design.

This is a wonderful resource from the Fall 2011 issue of the NBO Magazine. Written by Flo Hoppe and Cynthia Taylor, it is a close look at variations in weaving that can be used across all media.

“Basic wave crossover-randing, also known as “basic wave weave”, is a two-step progressive randing where both the wide core-weaver and the exible crossover-weaver are worked with a repeated basic randing stroke. We’ve chosen this name because of the up-and-down “wave-like” movement of the decorative crossover-weaver, which we call the “wave-weaver”. Worked over an odd number of warp elements, this weave structure creates predominant upward spirals slanting in one direction with interrupted diagonals between the spiral lines (resembling broken waves going in the opposite direction). The decorative patterns are created by the wave-weaver while the randing of the wide core-weaver creates the background to the over-all design.”

Download the article here:  Progressive Randings

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