Larry Page in “Serendipity” at Art Saint Louis

NBO member Larry page is one of the artists featured in Serendipity,  on view through September 15 at Art Saint Louis in St. Louis, Mississippi.  The juried artworks featured are in a variety of styles, techniques and media including basketry, ceramics, drawing, mixed media, paintings, pastel, photography, printmaking, sculpture, textiles, woodworking, and more.

“This exhibit aims to present artworks that demonstrate how the occurrence of accidents, chance, and discovery benefit the creative process as well as the final artwork. Oftentimes, artists begin making artworks and then something unexpected occurs during the art making process–a “happy accident.” In art, this happens often when artists set about to create one thing, yet something unplanned happens to the artwork that surprisingly and successfully changes the final outcome. The artworks in this exhibition examine the role that serendipity plays in art making, art and the lives of artists.”  – Art Saint Louis

Details and photo gallery at Art Saint Louis