Jan Thomas

The Feminist Art Movement of the 1970s in conjunction with the resurgent interest in Fine Crafts as art, elevated woman’s domestic crafts and decorative arts to a viable artistic means to express the female experience and to enact change in socio/political norms in society. I had always traditionally sewn and stitched on fabric and coiled baskets. The challenge was to reinterpret the use of techniques to create meaningful pieces of art. This intent has been a constant theme throughout my career as an artist. My selection as a WAP Artist (working artist program) in the Tiger Lily Press print studio, Cincinnati, Ohio, gave me the opportunity to combine what I knew as a fine crafts artist with what I was to learn as a printmaker. The intaglio print process, which has a natural tendency towards created textural surfaces, became my print technique of choice.


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An interest in collecting old ephemera introduced me to vintage card baskets. This domestic craft popular in the mid century made use of greeting cards cut into template patterns stitched together. Before long, I was using my hand pulled intaglio prints  to form dimensional assembled and stitched contemporary vessels.

I am challenged by the prospect of pushing the use of the printed surface to create contemporary dimensional containers and forms. The work shown represents two divergent themes I am currently exploring; cultural decorative design impressions from my travels and conversely, being at home in the natural world.


Jan Thomas