Gail Rokotiubau at Mashantucket Pequot Museum

New NBO member Gail Rokotiubau will be participating in a landmark anniversary  exhibition at the Mashantucket Pequot Museum in the grand opening of their new multimedia art exhibit exclusively featuring Mashantucket Pequot artists. Gail is a Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Elder, and “a  sweet grass, pine needle and gourd basket maker. I learned this art when I was only 14 but didn’t keep up with my basketry. At the time, I lacked appreciation for this cultural art. I went into painting, glass, tile and smalti mosaics. I raised six children, moved to the Fiji Islands, as a missionary and married my current husband who is from Fiji.”

“I came home after almost 18 years away in the islands to care for my mother here on my reservation.  I lost my mother and my 43 year old son within five months of each other, mom late 2017, and my son early 2018, both having congestive heart failure. I took up my basket making again as a form of grief therapy. It worked and instilled in me at age 64-65 a renewed love and appreciation. I am unfortunately the last sweet grass and pine needle basket maker with all my tribal bloods.”

More information at Mashantucket Pequot Museum