Jacinthe Demmert

I am creatively devoted to Haida basketry. From gathering and preparation of cedar bark, and through every design, there is inherited cultural value in every step. My work is inherently tied to the forest through material and inspiration.  I use natural dyes to bring out the contrast of balance in my weaving.

My baskets encapsulate the world in which I grew. I weave a spiral, a pattern found extensively in nature- encoded into plants, animals, humans, the earth and galaxies around us. I observe the beauty of the seemingly chaotic universe and hold it in my heart as I weave.

In this ancient art form I have found my ancestors as well as myself, in the vast spiral that weaves us all together. As I weave, I feel connected to the world around me. I feel that I am tapping into an energy greater than that which resides within me. It is for the love of this energy and connection that I weave.

More about Jacinthe at her website:  Kaiganicraft

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