Chris Wooten


As a mixed-media artist, I came to basketry quite by accident. Exploring ways to incorporate cast fibers with wire in my art, I learned about sculptural wire weaving. The technique really grabbed me and I’ve been working with it for many years now to create my sculptures.

I grew up sewing clothes, then costumes for theatre, which I loved doing. The technique of weaving wire to create objects has a similar meditative and calming effect on me. Sometimes while working I feel connected to every woman throughout history who every sewed, knit or wove.

Chris Wooten is a mixed-media artist who has spent much of her life making artworks for solo and group exhibitions, and for private and public commissions.

Chris’ imagery, messages and use of materials are informed by ancient and modern cultures, and by human connections to the natural environment through rituals, observation and interpretation. Her artworks emerge from a personal mythology, often with a compelling narrative. Currently working in sculptural woven wire, her pieces produce cast shadows and convey permeability, transparency and lightness. These qualities also reinforce her messages regarding impermanence and shifting realities.Chris has extensive experience working in mixed media fabrications, sculptural fiber, printmaking and theatrical costuming/mask-making. She received her formal arts education from the University of Washington and the University of Illinois.

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