Amy Sunshine

 I come from a long line of painters and musicians. Since I showed an early aptitude for music (and no discernable artistic talent – I can’t draw a line), I was guided down the musical performance path. Later in life I became a magazine writer, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but I always, always yearned to be a visual artist.

As a little girl, I spent hours in my room playing with yarn, beading, and stitching anything I could get my hands on. I suppose that’s when I made my first basket. But I made my first “legit” basket about 20 years ago at a craft school and I hated every minute of it. (I’ve since realized that wrestling with pine needles Just Isn’t. My. Thing. Don’t try to change my mind.)

Instead, I started playing with softer textures – yarn, wool roving, waxed linen, embroidery thread – and vibrant colors. With a jump start from master teachers Lois Russell and Jackie Abrams, I fell in love with all things basketry and started selling my work in some beautiful galleries. I’ve cycled through twining and coiling, but I think I’ve finally found my true calling in knotting, the slowest process known to man. I find it meditative. And it totally saved my sanity during some tough times.

Most of my work has a touch of whimsy. I really hope to make people smile, connect with Something Bigger than ourselves, and remember for a moment that yeah, life is pretty good