Video: How to Lash the Rim of a Splint Basket

An easy-to-weave, carry-all basket made for the long haul, by Beth Hester & Lynne Ferguson. Step-by-step instruction…

Basketry at Yosemite National Park

Enjoy this informative and comprehensive online exhibition of  old and contemporary baskets that served the many purposes in the lives and culture of Yosemite’s first peoples.

Barbara Shapiro

As a textile artist, I draw inspiration from the study of historic and indigenous textiles. In an age where craftsmanship is often replaced by wit and whimsy, I am a staunch advocate of looking deeper into the traditions… Read More

NBO Conference Workshop Registration OPEN

Workshops are filling fast, the schedule and event information are being finalized, and the “More Basketry” exhibit information for attendees will be available soon. So much to see and do!