Interconnections: The Language of Basketry

The works created by the twenty-two artists highlighted in the Hunterdon Art Museum’s newest exhibition, Interconnections: The Language of Basketry, include everything from stapled paper to fabricated metal. Some employ found objects, others utilize clay, linen, or wire…. Read More

Jarrod and April Stone Dahl: Lidded Baskets

April and Jarrod Stone Dahl (Woodspirit) have a rich history of creating beautiful and utilitarian objects for everyday use. Jarrod grew up in Ashland, Wisconsin, a small town on the shores of Lake Superior. He is of Scandinavian decent… Read More

Willow Resource Guide

The Winter 2015 issue of the NBO Magazine included a resource guide for willow materials. Download this free resource, and  visit our online shop to purchase a copy of this special issue! Download your copy of the resource… Read More

Lois Russell at the Wilton Historical Society

On view through October 15, Hickory, Ash & Reed: Traditional Baskets, Contemporary Makers showcases the work of contemporary basket maker Lois Russell and others, and  contrasts them with historic baskets from the Society’s permanent collection. The work of… Read More

Danielle Bodine in Fiber Art Now Magazine

NBO member Danielle Bodine is featured in the Spring 2016 issue of Fiber Art Now: “COLOR, TEXTURE, FORM: The Sculptural Basketry of Danielle Bodine,” artist profile by Adrienne Sloane. “Basket making is one of the oldest crafts of humanity…. Read More

Matt Tommey in Rapid River Magazine

When asked to describe his work, Matt responded, “I describe my work as nature inspired sculpture that uses basketry and a variety of unique surface and assemblage techniques as my language of expression. I’m not sure where that… Read More