Tradition and Innovation in Basketry 10

National Basketry Organization’s 10th Biennial Conference

Western Kentucky University – Bowling Green, Kentucky – July 16 – 20, 2019

2019 Conference Workshops

*Please note – Workshop photos are of the instructor’s individual work and represent techniques taught. They do not necessarily indicate what will be created in the workshop. Each workshop is 4 days in length and run concurrently.

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Registration is closed – tool lists for each workshop can be found listed below.

Hexagonal Weave – Paper Weavings

Jackie Abrams

Materials fee: $65: Includes two sheets of cotton paper (enough for one basket in class and one at home), acrylic paints, varnish  See Jackie Abrams Required Tool/Supply List.





Great South Central Kentucky Basket and History Tour

Scott Gilbert

Transportation Fee: $95.00.  Participants may also find purchasing opportunities at some venues.  See Scott Gilbert’s Tour Supply List.


The Language of Baskets

Beth Hester

Materials fee: $6.00 per panel (Example, if a student constructs 6 panels, the material fee is $36.00) See Beth Hester’s Required Tool/Supply List.



Wrapping Wild – Let’s Make Recycled Animals

Bryant Holsenbeck

Materials Fee: $25 Includes a variety of recycled and found materials such as fabric scraps, yarn, string, buttons, beads, etc. and a roll of wire for the sculptural forms.  See Bryant’s extensive list of possible materials on Bryant Holsenbeck’s Required Tool/Supply List.


Japanese Basketry Technique

Flo Hoppe

Materials Fee: $38. Includes several sizes of round and flat oval reed and cane. See Flo Hoppe’s Required Tool/Supply List.





The Meeting of Materials and Techniques

Polly Jacobs Giacchina

Materials Fee: $40. Includes flexible natural materials, wire, fabrics, paper, wool roving, twine, floss, found objects and cane, all in limited amounts. See Polly Jacobs Giacchina Tool/Supply List.

Tilting Form

Leon Niehues

Materials fee: $115. Includes all white oak prepared materials, brass and stainless screws, waxed linen. See Leon Niehues’ Required Tool/Supply List.



White Oak Basketry – From Tree to Basket

Mary Ann Smith and Bill Smith

Materials Fee: $150. Includes white oak tree, billets, some splits (weavers & lashing) to be prepared by instructors. See Mary Ann & Bill Smith’s Required Tool/Supply List.





Twining: Form and Color

Tressa Sularz

 Materials Fee: $65.  This includes spools of cotton cord in a variety of colors to select from and spool holders. See Tressa Sularz’ Required Tool/Supply List.





All for One

Gina Telcocci

Materials Fee:  $65. Includes a selection of round reed, varnish, glues, clamps, miscellaneous hardware. See Gina Telcocci’s Required Tool/Supply List.




River Cane Double Weave

 Mary Thompson

 Materials Fee: $175. Includes dyed and natural finished river cane splits and unprocessed river cane for learning the splitting process. See Mary Thompson’s Required Tool/Supply List.





Coiled Basketry: A Sculptural Approach

Elizabeth Whyte Schulz

Materials Fee: $40. Includes paper cord, raffia: both natural and hand dyed, Japanese paper, acrylic paints (many colors) pine needles, gel medium, and tools needed in class. See Elizabeth Whyte Schulze’s Required Tool/Supply List.


Sweet Grass Basket

Lynette Youson

Materials Fee: $175. Includes pine needles, sweetgrass, Palmetto palm and bulrush plus use of special tools. See Lynette Youson’s Required Tool/Supply List.


Willow Bark Shoulder Bag

Jennifer Zurick

Material Fee: $140 for bark. Additional $15 for optional leather strap and top enclosure material and waxed linen. See Jennifer Zurick’s Required Tool/Supply List.