Tradition and Innovation in Basketry 11

The National Basketry Organization’s
Upcoming 11th Biennial Conference

Important Announcement

The National Basketry Organization’s Board and Staff have taken some time to be thoughtful as to how we move forward in the time of the Coronavirus. We are all figuring out the best path for NBO to remain on solid ground as an organization. Part of our goal is to make sure we maintain stability over the next several years. The results of our planning follow:

We will postpone our Biennial Conference from 2021 to 2023. We thought long and hard about this. One reason is simply that we were not able to complete our site visits because one of our promising locations closed and remains closed at this time. As you know, our conference schedule begins with registration in the fall. At this moment we don’t know what life will look like in autumn or how you, our community, will feel about making a commitment for an event nine months later. Finally, we don’t know what the summer 2021 will be like or if there will be a vaccine. We did not make this decision lightly and tried to carefully balance everyone’s needs, including those of NBO.

This was a  difficult decision, but shifting our resources in these ways will help us maintain financial stability as we move ahead. NBO’s goal during this uncertain time is to stay hope-focused and generous. We are working hard to create a variety of opportunities for our members. We know all of us are dealing with worry and fear, even as some parts of the country re-open others remain sheltered-in-place.

We want to hear from you. Please email Pam Morton with any suggestions you have to help NBO support our community.

We hope you stay well and safe wherever you are.