Field Museum Confronts Its Outdated, Insensitive Native American Exhibition

(Photo – Field Museum/Jay Young/Smithsonian Magazine) Now, after nearly five years of collaboration with Native American community members representing 105 tribes, the Chicago natural history museum is unveiling a new replacement, and permanent, exhibition that aims to right… Read More

Contemporary Basketry: On the Body

Work by Pormpuraaw artists at the Pormpuraaw Arts and Culture Centre, this week on Carol Eckert’s blog, Contemporary Basketry.

NBO on Instagram

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NBO Presents: How to Photograph Your Work

A useful training session on how to best photograph your work to show it off to its best advantage. A useful training session on how to best photograph your work to show it off to its best advantage…. Read More

Building the Essentials – Ferne Jacobs

(Shown above: Ferne Jacobs, Collar, 2005. Photo: Madison Metro)  The Craft in America Center is pleased to present the first ever retrospective of Los Angeles artist Ferne Jacobs. Since the 1960s, Ferne Jacobs has been at the forefront… Read More

Clint McKay and Sherrie Smith-Ferri on Pomo Basketmaking

From the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, we share with you a short film by Clint McKay, Sherrie S. Clint McKay, and Sherrie Smith-Ferri on Pomo Basketmaking. Learn about the significance of historical and contemporary baskets… Read More

Lanny Bergner “Celestial Body” in the Renwick / Smithsonian Collection

Congratulations to NBO member Lanny Bergner on his artwork, “Celestial Body” accessioned in to the Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian Museum.

The Japanese Bamboo Baskets of the Lloyd Cotson Collection

Take a break and enjoy reading a special selection from NBO’s Basketry+ magazine. ““The Japanese Bamboo Baskets of the Lloyd Cotson Collection”  appeared in the NBO  Basketry + Fall 2021/Winter 2022 issue.  

The World’s Tiniest Baskets?

If he ever did claim the title of World’s Smallest Basket Maker”, Francis of Eskasoni, Nova Scotia, figures it probably wouldn’t be long before he’d find a way to beat it again. “Each time I make a basket… Read More

Clay Burnette

Clay Burnette is a self-taught pine needle basketmaker who has has been coiling longleaf pine needles with waxed linen thread for over 45 years .  He has exhibited his work in over 250 venues throughout the US and… Read More