Shannon Weber


I am curious by nature. I have lived in many remote places in Oregon where I have had a lot of time to observe, listen, collect, and tinker with whatever has been around me. My interest in working the way I do is I make my own dialog and terms on engaging material. I set things on fire, beat them with rocks, cut things up and put them back together. As I see it, intellectually as humans we own this genetic history of making things with what we have, or have found, before recycling and before contemporary times. My methods are controlled by working in layers with combinations of stitching, weaving, cold connections and sometimes wax. The environments I collect from also play a huge roll in my sculptures as each material has its own mythology of what it was and what role it played from where it was gathered.

That’s why it may look like I jump around a fair amount with my designs. The material I collect and harvest being ocean or construction site debris, organics of all kinds, sea kelp to rusty forgotten objects, speak to me. Usually it provides me with 3-7 objects or sculptures, then I start the process again. The new material will speak to me in a different way. The challenge and boon is the fact that you’re always moving forward while “beginning again” with new material coming into the studio. I have learned over the years just to sit and listen to the dialog of what the material wants to say and do then I build on that with various techniques in layers. I have found many artists have their go-to material that they like to work with. I am open to whatever crosses my path of interest. I find that it pushes me as an artist to drive forward and out of the box.

Website: Shannon Weber