Filling the Silence: Baskets Preserve Shan Goshorn’s Unique Talents

Work by Shan Goshorn, photo by Rose McCracken.

Enjoy a wonderful article written by Rebecca Head Trautmann in “American Indian”, the magazine of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian.

“Some of the last creative efforts of Eastern Band of Cherokee artist Shan Goshorn now rest in the National Museum of the American Indian. This past spring, NMAI acquired “Resisting the Mission; Filling the Silence,” a set of baskets commemorating a tragic era in American history. Beginning in the 19th century, American Indian children were removed from their homes and forced to attend boarding schools.”

NBO Members in “Currents” at Museo

NBO members Nancy Loorem Adams, Lanny Bergner, Danielle Bodine,  Jill Nordfors Clark, Barbara DePirro, Sharon Kita, Dorothy McGuinness, Bill Roeder, Peeta Tinay, and Judy Zugish are all represented in “Currents 2020”, at the Schack Art Center in Langley, Washington.

Museo has invited 48 Northwest Designer Craftsmen artists to present a survey of what is current and amazing in the world of craft. The exhibition runs from March 7 to March 30, 2020.

Shown above: Fossil Traces #1 by Lanny Bergner. Stainless steel mesh mounted on board.

215 First Street/PO Box 548
Langley, WA 98260

Bob Gleason-Moore at World Wicker and Weaving Festival in Poland

NBO member Bob Gleason-Moore received an honorable mention for his work at the recently held World Wicker and Weaving Festival in Poland.

The event comprises a two-day competition for the title of Grand Prix of the Festival. For weavers from around the world it is an opportunity not only to allow an international jury to assess your work, but also to see design trends, techniques, and weaving materials used in different places. An exchange of experience allows you to explore new realms of the craft.
The Competition consists of two parts: works created live on-site, and sent in works. The contestants take part in the competition either individually or in pairs and is held once every four years.

Our congratulations to Bob!

Leona Waddell in “Kentucky Craft Luminaries: Sharing the Stories”

NBO Lifetime Achievement Awardee Leona Waddell is currently featured in an exhibit at the Kentucky Craft History and Education Association exhibit called “Kentucky Craft Luminaries: Sharing the Stories.” Leona Waddell, a 2012 recipient of the Kentucky Governor’s Folk Heritage Award, will have some of her baskets in the display.


More at Leona Waddell – Kentucky Craft Luminaries

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NBO Hands Announced!

We are excited to share with you the photos chosen for our new rack card! Thanks to everyone who entered the contest; we received almost 90 great images and had a tough time choosing only 8. Here are the winners:

Top row left to right: 
1) Ann Codington’s hands, photo by Robert Petersen
2) Lynette Youson’s hands, photo by Melinda West
3) Cael Chappell’s hands, photo by Mary Chappell
4) Nan MacDonald’s hands, photo by Mac MacDonald
Second row left to right: 
1) Sandra Kehoe’s hands, photo by Sandra Kehoe
2) Sun Smith-Foret’s hands, photo by Dawn Ottensmeier
3) Jo Hart’s hands, photo by George Hart
4) Nicola Solimano’s hands, photo by Sherri West

And below is the new rack card – available at no cost to share with guilds, groups and gatherings. (Contact Us) Our most appreciative thanks to Tony Stubblefield for the layout and design of the new card. We think it is wonderful!

Jackie Abrams in the National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland, in Edinburgh, has recently acquired a piece by NBO member Jackie Abrams for their World Cultures Gallery.

Shelter (2016) shown above, shows how Abrams “explores the container as a symbol of home. The mud cloth produced and used by Bamana women in Mali is a powerful reference to their role in society. The structure of the vessel – with the inside of the cloth exposed and open spaces in the framework – reflects the precariousness of some homes and of things that are not easily contained such as hopes, thoughts and dreams.”

Congratulations to Jackie – shown here, left, visiting  her work on display at the National Museum of Scotland this past September.

Sue Williams Recipient of 2019 Governor’s Arts Award

NBO member and white oak basket maker Sue Williams  is the recipient of a 2019 Governor’s Arts Award.

The Folklife Heritage Award is presented to folk artists or organizations that have made outstanding contributions to Tennessee’s traditional arts. The award honors significant achievements within art forms that are rooted in the traditional or ethnic cultures of Tennessee.

Sue’s devotion to teaching this art, and advocacy on the statewide and regional level, has secured the tradition’s survival beyond the passing of the original basket making families.”Sue Williams has been awarded the 2019 Governor’s Arts Award by the Tennessee Arts Commission.

We send our heartiest congratulations to Sue – well done!

More at Tennessee Arts Commission

Elizabeth Whyte Schulze at National Museum of Scotland

NBO artist member Elizabeth Whyte Schulze is currently featured at the National Museum of Scotland. “I want my artwork to inspire a complex range of personal emotions for the viewer. My goal is to carry on the tradition of the basket, wrapped in a contemporary story that speaks to anyone who ventures out into the world and learns to appreciate a culture that is different from their own.”  Elizabeth Whyte Schulze.

Martha Bird Exhibits

NBO member Martha Bird is exhibiting at two concurrent shows in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

Listen features Bird’s new work in sculptural basketry at the Kaddatz. In these new works, she uses basket weaving techniques as a jumping off point to create sculptural objects and installations that explore themes of trauma and resilience.

The Forest Breathes at the Otter Tail County Historical Society is a retrospective of Bird’s functional baskets, created with a wide range of natural fibers and basket weaving techniques.

Both exhibitions are up through November 1, 2019.

More at Kaddatz Galleries and Otter Tail County Historical Society.