Willow Resource Guide

The Winter 2015 issue of the Quarterly Review Magazine included a resource guide for willow materials. Download this free resource, and  visit our online shop to purchase a copy of this special issue!

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Willow Resources

Willow Resource Guide

Lois Russell at the Wilton Historical Society

On view through October 15, Hickory, Ash & Reed: Traditional Baskets, Contemporary Makers showcases the work of contemporary basket maker Lois Russell and others, and  contrasts them with historic baskets from the Society’s permanent collection. The work of these artists is grounded in the use of natural materials, including brown ash, black ash, hickory, willow and reed. Contemporary Nantucket baskets will be shown as well.

The contemporary basket makers on exhibit recognize the rich history of American basket making in their artistry and innovative designs.  Lois Russell twines waxed linen into vessels that are sparingly used but delight with recognizable, sculptural forms.

More information and exhibit hours can be found at the Wilton Historical Society.

Danielle Bodine in Fiber Art Now Magazine

NBO member Danielle Bodine is featured in the Spring 2016 issue of Fiber Art Now: “COLOR, TEXTURE, FORM: The Sculptural Basketry of Danielle Bodine,” artist profile by Adrienne Sloane.
“Basket making is one of the oldest crafts of humanity. I like to think I’m part of this long tradition of expression. There is something very elemental and meditative about  process of creating a basket.” -Danielle Bodine

Shown here, “Alien Fruit Basket” from her Outer Space Series.  More at Danielle Bodine’s website. 

Matt Tommey in Rapid River Magazine

Matt Tommey - Nested in Laurel

When asked to describe his work, Matt responded, “I describe my work as nature inspired sculpture that uses basketry and a variety of unique surface and assemblage techniques as my language of expression. I’m not sure where that puts me within the contemporary art world. Quite honestly, I don’t give that a lot of thought. I try to make things that I love and that resonate with my clients that originate within the simple elegance of the natural world. That process has served me well over the last 23 years as a maker.”

Full article here on Rapid River Magazine

2015 – 2016 NBO Annual Appeal

What an exciting year it has been for the National Basketry Organization! Since coming on as President, I have been a part of the continued momentum, started by our past President Lois Russell. It is a true pleasure to see the maturing of our organization and the achievement of ambitious goals, working committees and the continued efforts toward fulfilling our mission of promoting the art, skill, heritage and education of traditional and contemporary basketry.

With your help, big things were accomplished this year: We

  • planned and held a conference
  • executed three major exhibits
  • produced an instructional DVD
  • established and worked with a Guild Advisory Committee
  • hired a new part-time Executive Director

Pam Morton, our new Executive Director, is excited to usher us into the new year. Our Board is strong and already planning for our 2017 conference. We have many new projects in the making to serve, connect, support and showcase our diverse culture of basket makers. Planned for this coming year are: increased scholarship monies, increased information about regional and national workshops, online access to images, Guild connections, more instruction and more resources.

And it is YOU, our members, that make this all possible – Thank You!

As an organization we are in an incredible period of growth. It is a new and exciting era. But it all takes money and support from our members to sustain our forward momentum. From your own experience you know that NBO can change an artists work whether through attending our biennial conference, as you have, learning a new technique in our Quartery Review magazine, or making new connections through our website. Whatever your experience, I hope you will want to extend it to others.

We need your continued support. Please donate to help us continue this critical work.

With your help, we can continue to grow, be a national presence and be a viable, active force in the basketry community. THANK YOU for anything you can give. Your support is vital!

With appreciation,
Emily Dvorin, President

To donate online click here and visit our Online Shop

If you prefer, make your check payable to NBO and mail to:  PO Box 1524   Gloucester MA 01931-1524

Donna Crispin Weaves New Baskets from Old and Natural Materials

Seaweed on the beach, cattails in a ditch, grapevines on a trellis, bark on a birch tree — it’s all ancient art waiting to happen for longtime basket weaver Donna Crispin of Eugene, Oregon.

With a BLM permit, she may pull bark off a cedar tree — sustainably, of course — and weave it into a brownish red hat. She turns cattail leaves into a cooking apron, and blends twigs from red osier dogwood and willows into a random-weave basket with brown and cream tones. Even after 29 years of weaving, she never tires of creating baskets and art from natural materials.

“There’s always something new to learn,” Crispin says. “It seems there are new techniques I haven’t discovered yet, a different rim or a different start.

Read more here at the Register-Guard newspaper.

Willow Weaver Crafts a Life at Rose Hill Willow Farm

NBO member Howard Peller was recently featured in an article in the Daily Jeffersonian newspaper of Cambridge, Ohio. Peller grows about 50 species of willow, harvests it and creates baskets and containers of all kinds. He also sells willow for cultivation and fence-making.

Read more here: The Daily Jeffersonian

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More to Consider 1

Highlights of the inaugural member exhibition,”More to Consider 1″, at the 2015 NBO Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Entwined – NBO Members at the MUSEO

Canister of Filtered Air by Lanny Bergner

Lanny Bergner, Dona Anderson, Danielle Bodine, Kathey Ervin, Katherine Lewis, Dorothy McGuiness and Polly Sutton are NBO members featured in this  show at the Museo gallery in Whidbey Island, Washington, through November 1, 2015.