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NBO Artists in “Cut the Edge, Weave the Line”

“Masters in their field and emerging talents were invited to create extraordinary pieces using traditional techniques and materials, which are often combined with contemporary technology. The invited artists continually explore the various perceptions and possibilities of what a textile can be.”

Participating NBO member artists are Lanny Bergner, Carol Eckert, Elizabeth Whyte Schulze, and Polly Sutton.

The exhibit is on view at the Mobilia Gallery in Cambridge, Massachusetts through October 20, 2017.

Information and hours at Mobilia Gallery.

Shown Above: Signs of Protest: Clown, Girl Power, Covfefe, Planet B, Tweet, Toupee, The Wall 
Woven pine needles, Japanese paper, paint, Japanese brushes. 2017

The Box Project: Uncommon Threads

Organized by the Cotsen Foundation for Academic Research (CFAR) with RAM, this traveling exhibition presents works commissioned by Lloyd Cotsen between 2004 and 2013 together with 22 large-scale fiber art pieces on loan. All work fits within a 14 x 14 or 14 x 23 inch box,  offers insight about the artists and their processes.

NBO exhibiting artists include John Garrett, Nancy Koenigsberg, Gyöngy Laky, and Sherri Smith.

Information and hours at the Racine Art Museum.

Shown above: “This Way and That” by Gyöngy Laky.

Interwoven: Art Meets Nature

A broad host of NBO members are exhibiting artwork in this contemporary fiber exhibition curated by Marcia Young, publisher of Fiber Art Now.

The show of virtuoso works by national artists includes nearly every form of fiber art, including weaving, felting, tapestry, needlework, basketry, handmade paper, silk painting, and book arts. Interwoven: Art Meets Nature will connect the natural world with the materials and techniques that are so familiar to all of us, in an engaging, nature-based show of contemporary fiber art and textiles.

For a complete listing of artists, please visit Highfield Hall and Gardens in Falmouth, Massachusetts. The show runs June 25 – September 6, 2017.

Above: “Oh Canada” by Jan Hopkins

UPDATE: Amanda Salm in “Miniartextil”

NBO member Amanda Salm has been notified her piece, “Cruz” (above image) was accepted into a juried show opening in October in Como, Italy, in the former church of San Francesco.  230 artists submitted to Miniartextil with this year’s theme, Borderline. Three jurors selected 54 pieces (only two from the US were selected) among a roster of work from a total of 29 nations.

UPDATE:  Two venues have been added: Le Beffroi in Montrouge from February 7 to 25, 2018,  opening on February 6 in the evening at 7:00 p.m. Le Chateau du Valfleury in Gif sur Yvette from March 8 to April 25, 2018.

More information at Miniartextil. 

PET Lamp: Basket Weaving Culture

Take a break and visit PET Lamps to read a colorful and informative article on the history of basket making. “Basketry is one of the most ancient crafts older than pottery or the carving of stone and probably the origin of all the textile arts of the world. The process of interweaving twigs, seeds, or leaves for baskets and mat making it’s one of the most universal craftworks, ranking among the most ancient industries.”   PET Lamps

NBO Members at MUSEO Gallery

NOW: Beauty and Paradox: 
10 Northwest Artists explore contemporary issues through beautifully crafted paintings, sculpture, mixed media, and ceramic works designed to express deeper paradoxical meaning. Each artist employs her unique artistic expression: ironic, whimsical, even outraged to create interest and engagement.
Collaboration between Museo Gallery and Nancy Loorem Adams
NBO members Nancy Loorem Adams, Dona Anderson, Danielle Bodine, and Jill Nordfors Clark will be exhibiting their artwork along with Maxine Martell, Natalie Olsen. Patricia Resseguie, Jane Richlovsky, Inge Roberts, and Sande Wascher-James.
On view through May 29, 2017. More information visit: MUSEO Gallery


Above, photo credit: Michael Stadler

Nancy Loorem Adams and Danielle Bodine
Random Weave Cane and Mixed Media, 36”x12”x3”

Barbara Shapiro at 108 Contemporary Gallery

Barbara Shapiro’s coiled waxed lined teapot basket, “Not for All the Tea in China” appears in, “Steeped: The Art of Tea,” at 108 Contemporary in Tulsa, Oklahoma, April 7 to May 21, 2017. 108 Contemporary, in partnership with the Oklahoma Center for the Humanities at The University of Tulsa, sponsors this exhibit that aims to look at the past, present and future of tea, as well as the way this distinctive drink has shaped our sense of personal, ethnic, and global identity.

More at 108 Contemporary

Natural Craft: Sheri Smith

NBO member Sheri Smith is featured in a beautifully illustrated article in the Register-Guard Newspaper of Eugene, Oregon.

“Sheri Smith always has been a creator, learning to knit as a child and adding more skills to her artistic toolbox as she grew older. For almost 40 years, one of her most prominent passions has been weaving pine needle baskets, which perfectly blends her love of nature with her affinity for craft.”

To enjoy the entire feature, and a host of beautiful images of her work, visit the Register-Guard Newspaper. 

Photo by Brian Davies, Register-Gard Newspaper

Award to Lois Russell in “Excellence in Fibers”

NBO member and artist Lois Russell’s “NZ”, twined waxed linen thread, was named the winner in the Vessel Forms/Basketry category of the “Excellence in Fibers” exhibition.

Excellence in Fibers is an exhibition of selected works drawn from the second annual international juried print exhibition published by Fiber Art Now magazine, presents some of the most exciting and innovative work being done today in the world of contemporary fiber art. The panel of jurors were: Emily Zilber, Curator, MFA Boston; Gerhardt Knodel and Norma Minkowitz, both internationally recognized fiber artists and icons in the field of fiber; and Melissa Leventon, principal of Curatrix Group Museum Consultants and a former curator at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.

The show, at New Bedford Art Museum, runs from from Jan. 25 to March 19, 2017.