NBO Members in HGA’s “Small Expressions” Exhibit

Above from left: “Sierra Rock” by Nancy Briemle, “Off Balance” and “Paint Brush One” by Peggy Wiedemann. Click on images for detail.


Small Expressions is an annual, international, juried exhibit featuring high quality, contemporary small-scale works. Small Expressions is sponsored by the Handweavers Guild of America, Inc., to showcase small scale works created using fiber techniques in any media, not to exceed 15 inches (38 cm).

NBO exhibiting artists include Nancy Briemle of Pleasanton, California, and Peggy Wiedemann of Huntington Beach, California. The exhibition will take place at the Wilbur May Museum in Reno, Nevada, and run from July 1 to July 15, 2018.

More information at Wilbur May Museum


Dorothy Gill Barnes at the de Young Museum

Five works by NBO member and 2015 NBO Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Dorothy Gill Barnes are currently on display in the Art of Craft Gallery at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, California.

“These vessels are created with bark in Barnes iconic style where the natural quality of the bark on the tree is maintained as a part of the artist’s visual statement, “honoring the growing things from which they come.”

All photos courtesy of de Young Museum

Jean Poythress Koon in Multiple Exhibitions

NBO member Jean Poythress Koon has shared the news of multiple exhibitions where her work has appeared or is currently showing. Shown above, “A Copper Fly Trap”, will be appearing in the third annual “Excellence in Fibers” juried exhibit presented by Fiber Art Now at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles in San Jose California, from October 19, 2018 – January 13, 2019.  The piece is constructed with pine needles coiled in an elongated oval which spirals on its own accord, then sewn with waxed linen thread and clad with 1/4-inch copper strips which were colored with a butane torch. The zipper is  attached with straight pins.

“Nest” -6” diameter. Pine needles coiled with waxed linen thread. Armature is covered with 1/4” strips of brass foil using stainless steel straight pins. Paper mache egg covered, copper foil strips. Appearing in HGA’s “Great Basin” exhibition in July of 2018.

“Steam Teapot,” featured in the recent Craft Alliance Center of America’s biennial exhibition “identiTEA”.


Pat Moritz “Painted Desert”

NBO member Pat Moritz’s work ”Painted Desert” will appear the international juried Great Basin Basketry exhibit as part of the Handweavers Guild of America 2018 Convergence in Reno, Nevada. This exhibit features functional and non-functional, traditional and non-traditional forms employing basketry techniques. The exhibit takes place during the HGA Conference from July 6 – 12, 2018 at the Peppermill Resort in Reno, Nevada.

“Painted Desert” – 6 1/2” x 10 1/2” and is coiled using pine needles and waxed linen thread. Pat’s focus was to create movement, tranquility and elegance while accentuating the colors of the stone. (Click here for full-size image and detail)



Barbara Shapiro in “Great Basin Basketry”

NBO member Barbara Shapiro will be exhibiting her “Sedori  Cane Vessel” in this Handweavers Guild of America international  juried exhibit. The juried exhibit features  functional or nonfunctional, traditional or nontraditional forms in basketry techniques. Barbara’s piece measures 36 L x 5 W x 5 H and is made of densely plaited random weave on hex woven cane, creating an elongated, boat-shaped basket. The Japanese Sedori (scraped and dyed) cane was purchased from Jiro Yonezawa.

Great Basin refers to the geographical bowl of the area and is a source of natural weaving materials for the basketmaker, used over the centuries by the native peoples who have called the Great Basin their home. Extending the concept of using indigenous materials, this exhibit encourages and emphasizes the use of materials from the artist’s environment. The exhibit takes place during the HGA Conference from July 6 – 12, 2018 at the Peppermill Resort in Reno, Nevada.

Larry Page in “Identi-TEA: 16th Biennial Teapot Exhibition

NBO member Larry Page has two of his “Metropolis” teapots featured in the Craft Alliance Center of Art + Design’s Delmar Loop Gallery exhibition in St. Louis, Missouri. Juror Bruce W. Pepich has selected the best works entered in all craft media from both emerging and established artists.

“Visually, one can usually identify a teapot because it has a body, spout, handle and lid, but each teapot has its own unique and complex characteristics based on the artist creating it. Teapots have traveled all across the world and appear in many different cultures and nations. This exhibition, Identi-TEA, draws from the different interpretations and explorations of the artist-made teapot, as well as the ways artists express their own identities in creating their works and the messages these works carry about the artist’s individual characteristics. Whether functional or sculptural, each teapot can project its own personality just as the artist creating it can inject aspects of his/her persona into their work.”

The exhibit runs through March 18, 2018. More information at Craft Alliance Center

Members in Print – Summer 2018

Above: Detail from “Asian Tea Service with Wash Bowl” by Kathey Ervin

The National Basketry Organization is introducing the inaugural in-print, biennial exhibition. Works selected will be published in the Summer 2018 edition of the Quarterly Review, NBO’s full color magazine.

This year’s theme is Vessels, loosely defined as a hollow container, with an interior and an exterior, open to a utilitarian or conceptual interpretation.

Juror: Jane Sauer

Jane Sauer, St. Louis, MO: fiber artist for 35 years with work in 24+ museum collections, Artistic Director and gallery owner for 12 years Santa Fe, NM, Curator, Lecturer, Art Consultant, BFA Washington University, Archives of American Art Smithsonian Institute of American Art, Honorary Fellow American Craft Council, American Craft Council Board of Trustees 1992-2000, Chair 1997-2000, Craft Emergency Relief Fund Board of Directors 2008-2010, Advisory Board Santa Fe University of Art & Design 2011-15, National Council School of Art Washington University 1995- present, plus numerous other boards and advisory committees, International Women’s Forum 1995- present.


The exhibit is open to all members of the National Basketry Organization, including International and Introductory members, at the time of the entry due date. (Join NBO or renew your membership here.)

Introductory level members that have a piece selected may purchase a copy of the in-print Summer 2018 Quarterly Review, or upgrade their membership (see above link).


  • Only one piece per artist may be selected.
  • As this is an in-print exhibition, photographs of the selected works must be high resolution, professional quality.
  • The published image size will be at the discretion of the editor.
  • All sales inquiries will be directed to the artist.
  • Printed with each selected image will be the artist’s name, title, media and the artist’s website address.

Entry Procedure

  • Please apply using the CaFE system: NBO MEMBERS IN PRINT
  • Up to two works may be submitted, with two views of each piece for a total of no more than four images.
  • Image sizing: JPG 1200-1900 pixels on the longest side, up to 5 MB.
  • Please check the box indicating if your work is traditional or contemporary.
  • The relative number of works selected for each category will be proportional to the number of works submitted. (For example, if more works are submitted for the traditional category, more works from that category will be juried into the exhibit.)
  • Please submit work made within the past three years, since 2015.
  • An entry fee of $25 is required for submission of either one or two works.


Entry due date: March 10, 2018  ENTRIES HAVE CLOSED

Notification: March 28

High resolution images due: April 11

Summer 2018 Quarterly Review: Late June, 2018


Danielle Bodine at the Bellevue Art Museum

“Hybrid Coral Polypus” 23”HX22”WX20”D  Mulberry and recycled papers cast on funnels, removed, reformed, painted, burned. Coiled waxed linen, plastic tubes.   2015

Danielle Bodine is the current featured artist for the Bellevue Art Museum Vitrine in the museum’s lobby. Bodine’s work is inspired by the amazing parade of ships that pass by her studio windows on Puget Sound and the active sea life underneath these waters.

“Hybrid Coral Polypus” is an imaginary coiled and cast paper underwater sea life has learned to adapt to the plastic debris that finds it’s way into its waters by enveloping this waste and morphing into a unique hybrid sea plant species.

-From the Northwest Designer Craftsmen September 2017 Newsletter

Information at Bellevue Art Museum

Photo credit: Michael Stadler

Pamela Becker in Craft Forms 2017


NBO member Pamela Becker has two coiled forms in this exhibit at the Wayne Craft Center. Established in 1995, Craft Forms is dedicated to enhancing the public’s awareness of fine contemporary craft while providing a venue for established and emerging artists to share their creative endeavors.  Craft Forms is internationally recognized as one of the premiere contemporary craft exhibitions.  More information at Craft Forms.

Shown left: “Dusk”. Photo by Pamela Becker.

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