Linda Miranda

When friends hear for the first time that I create sculpture and baskets from pine needles, their reaction is always the same…..

Really? You do what?

I still remember the day I walked into a little gift shop in the town of Joseph, Oregon and discovered this amazing pine needle basket. It was coiled with fresh pine needles and the fragrance was amazing. At that time I never imagined creating one of my own.

Living here in the high desert of SE Oregon, we are surrounded by ponderosa pine forest and vast deserts of sage and juniper. In 2004 I picked up a handful of pine needles from the forest floor and my love of weaving pine needle baskets began.

My style has evolved over time from simple round shapes to more contemporary, asymmetrical shapes with flowing lines and lots of movement. I prefer triangular shapes, and shy away from symmetry. I now focus more on larger wall pieces that move and flow across a wall. A contrast between dark and light as well as open areas are present in each of these pieces.

I love working with beach grass, pine needles, stone, antler, seeds and pods, beads, branches and other found objects. Tenneriffe designs woven in multiple colors are used in a majority of my work. I love to describe this art form that I love so much as … taking a handful of pine needles and creating works of art.

Weaving is therapy. Weaving is meditation. Weaving is love.

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