Barbara Shapiro in “Shibori Mini”

NBO member Barbara Shapiro will be exhibiting her piece “Coiled Sakiori with Yuki Ball” in the International Shibori Symposium in Arimatsu, Japan.

“Sakiori is rag weave and my basket is coiled with natural indigo dyed test strips and other “rags” including some shibori cloth, bond with left over “thrums” of an indigo ikat silk warp. The working end of the cloth is attached to a ball of rags which is called a “yuki” in Japanese. So my work refers to familiar Japanese traditions of recycling and reuse. All the work had to fit into a 10 inch cube space. It’s always nice when our basketry overlaps with another textile art form.”

The exhibition runs from June 26 to July 1, 2018.