Arlene Eubanks

Arlene is an award winning fiber artist from Washington State with a studio on Breckenridge Bluff overlooking the Grays Harbor Estuary.

A 12-piece collection was chosen for the Washington State Centennial opening at the Ocean Shores Convention Center. Eubanks has had her work shown across the United States. Arlene was also a 2014 Nominee for Martha Stewart’s “American Made” award.

“My art is beauty of natural forms while understanding the underlying structure and the laws that govern them,”notes Eubanks. “Each basket is an experience that I see, feel, and create.  Artists see beauty and virtue in the natural places that are promised to future generations. They also look closely at the way the world works, notice things that others may miss, challenge ideas, experiment, and create new ways to perceive the world. The creative process guarantees the beauty of the imperfect. These artists “translate” the resources–the heart of  nature–into images, objects, and performances that bring others enjoyment and a deeper understanding of the the world around them. My job is to reveal the beauty. This is the beauty in your life. That is simply the nature of art.”

You can see more of Arlene’s work on the Art Gallery of Facebook,  Weavers Around the World, and The Aberdeen Art Center.