Christine Miller

Christine’s explorations began in traditional fiber processes: crochet, sewing, knitting and embroidery.  She began weaving at age 19 and this process has been central to her artistic creations.   When she was introduced to weaving with wire, she has… Read More

Nancy McKeown – “Coiled Pine Needle Basketry Stitch List”

NBO member Nancy McKeown is pleased to announce the publication of her book, “Coiled Pine Needle Basketry Stitch List”. Nancy is a prolific graphic artist who has worked producing projects for both print and web within a variety… Read More

Processing Hemp for Ropes – Eugenio Monesma “Lost Trades”

Eugenio Monesta is producer and director of ethnographic documentaries on culture, customs and trades of the rural world. The processing of materials for weaving and coiling is of interest to weavers around the world. Enjoy this short (and… Read More

Gyöngy Laky: “Screwing With Order” Book

NBO Member Gyöngy Laky is pleased to announce the publication of her new book, “Screwing with Order: assembled art, actions, and art practice”. “Renowned American textile artist and sculptor Gyöngy Laky (b. 1944) was once described as a… Read More

Kate Anderson

Kate Anderson references art history, popular culture, and dialogue with her knotted non-functional teapots, cups and saucers. Their subjects have ranged from Marilyn Monroe and Humphrey Bogart to works by American artists Georgia O’Keeffe, Roy Lichtenstein, and Andy… Read More